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What students are saying...

"Tim Bray is a phenomenal guitar teacher! As a weekly student for the past two years, I have seen a dramatic improvement in both my playing and technique. Tim has a knack for personalizing each lesson to the specific student's skill level, while keeping it both fun and challenging. If you are a beginner or an accomplished guitarist, your guitar skills will undoubtably improve with Tim's personalized touch and commitment to helping you achieve your guitar goals."---Don

"My son has been taking lessons with Tim for about a year now and we love it. We are very pleased with Tim and his teaching style. As an educator myself, I feel he especially does an excellent job when working with children."---Bob

" If you are looking for a superior guitar instructor, go no further - Tim Bray is that person! Our son has been taking lessons from Tim for a little over two years. Even though our son is dyslexic and learns differently, Tim understood the situation, connected with him, and has turned him into the second best guitarist in Fredericksburg :-) Tim will always have our thanks, and we are proud to recommend him to anyone who is considering taking guitar lessons."---Lori

" My teen-aged son has been studying with Tim Bray for several years now, both at his previous location (Apple Music) and his current studio. We have had three previous instructors who were good, but Tim is absolutely the best! Tim's professionalism sets him above most other instructors. While Tim is a working musician, I always feel that teaching is Tim's priority. By being extremely professional at the non-musical parts of teaching (dressing neatly, maintaining a clean, well equipped studio, being extremely organized, honoring commitments), he is able to maximize the musical aspects. Tim has always let my son's musical interests drive the song selections - Tim is good enough to make the theoretical and applied lessons fit the musical tastes of the student. He doesn't teach a scale without showing the student an example of why or where the student would apply the scale to a song they like. Finally, Tim is very supportive of his students. I've seen him at school talent shows. He's hosted open mic nights at local restaurants for his students as well. Anytime my son is making a new guitar or gear purchase, Tim has good advice, and occasionally will even point us toward a good deal. Tim Bray is an excellent guitar teacher. Call him for lessons!"--George

"Tim is talented and professional. I wish the doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc. I work with were as timely and organized and friendly! I learn new guitar skills very rapidly from Tim (as long as I practice.) Its obvious that he loves what he does and that he cares about doing it well. I can't imagine someone regretting lessons through TBGP."---Lisa

" Tim Bray has been teaching our daughter, Allison, for about 7 years. I can't begin to say enough about Tim as a teacher, mentor and person. He has given Allison such confidence in herself and her music . . . Tim always goes above and beyond - encouraging Allie to perform and write music, working 1 on 1 with her to record her music and getting her used to mics and sound systems. He has been a huge influence on Allison over the years . . .she truly looks to Tim as one of the people she admires most in her life. We can't recommend Tim and Guitar Potential enough!"--Kim

"Tim works great with adults!! I'm learning the guitar as a new student over the age of 40 and its been so much fun. At first I wasnt sure if I would be committed enough to stick with the lessons at this point in my life. But with the way Tim teaches I've really found myself enjoying the process and having fun learning to play! Wonderful teacher! That said, I do know first hand that he works great with children as well. I've referred two new students to Tim -- one a child and one an adult -- both are thrilled with their experience and are loving their new instrument!"--Trish

"Awesome guitar teacher! I've been taking lessons for over 3 years now, and my only regret is not starting earlier. Tim can teach pretty much any song you bring in that you want to play, and makes the lessons fun. Great for ANY skill level! If you live in Fredericksburg or surrounding areas and want to learn guitar, this is the best place to do it!"---Stephen

"Tim is an excellent guitar teacher. I have been taking lessons for three months and have learned so many chords, techniques, and ways to think about music. His teaching style is highly effective: direct, tailored to my ability, always practical, and professional. He can listen to songs you like and teach you the chords to play them. After each 30 minute session, I feel stretched and excited to go home and practice. I consider Tim as good or better than any academic teacher I had in high school or college."---Dexter

"Tim listened and helped me figure out where I wanted to go with my music in a very quick and effective manner. He is very patient, reliable, and professional. I look forward to my lessons every weekwith a great deal of excitement because Iknow he will challenge me and I will bring something wonderful home topractice -Jodi, Songs 4 SuccessEducation Director, 36.

Tim taught me guitar lessons for a year while I was in college. In that short time, he turned me from someone who was dependent on tablature into someone who could understand how leads were constructed, how different modes worked, and how to recreate melodies I was hearing. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a fun, open-minded guitar teacher. - Nick, professional musician, Los Angeles.

I have known Tim for many years since I began lessons ten years ago. I've also grown up around musicians all of my life, and I can honestly say that Tim is the best guitar player I've ever met. As a fellow teacher, I can also appreciate the quality of Tim's teaching. He is calm and patient and can effectively teach students of all levels. -Amy, high school teacher.

Tim's patient and relaxed style of teaching helped me achieve my dream of playing in a band. We now play shows around town on a regular basis. -Janus, 19.

Not only did Tim teach me how to rock out, he was a positive role model, and taught me the importance of being professional, having fun, and sticking by ones values. -Iulian, Washington, DC.

Mr. Tim has awesome taste in music and a way about him that gets you excited about playing guitar. - Allie, 15.

I started guitar lessons with Tim when I was 12 and remained a student of his for six years. His approach to teaching is fun, engaging, and was adapted to my musical interests as they progressed through the years. Tim introduced me to many types of music I would have never been exposed to otherwise to include swing and jazz with complex chord progressions; all of which accompanied practical skills that directly helped me to become a better musician. - Andrew, 26.

Mr. Tim is a wicked guitarist and is great at teaching, he actually cares about what you like instead of just the standard mumbo-jumbo. -Amber, 15.

Tim knew how to arrange a lesson to improve my playing while still incorporating what I was interested in musically at the time. It made lessons much more fun and engaging and I'll always appreciate that. Ben, 18.

Tim quickly recognized what motivated me and used that understanding to keep me constantly engaged and learning. I started lessons with no knowledge of the guitar and left with a robust comprehension of music in general. -Jason, 30.

Tim gave me the skills I needed to take my playing to the next level. He helped me develop a solid foundation in music theory which enabled me to teach and play professionally. -Jason, NYC, 24.

Tim got me to the stage where I play today- plain and simple. - Adam, performing musician, 28.

Tim is a great teacher and an amazing guitarist that will teach you anything you want to know about guitar, he taught me pretty much everything i know about guitar. Alex, 17, performing guitarist.

Tim really helped me take my playing to another level all while making every lesson a lot of fun. -Connor, 19.

Tim is an extremely gifted guitarist, but possibly an even more gifted teacher. His ability to connect with students on a personal level made lessons really enjoyable and his knowledge of all types of music caters to the specific interests of his students. Tim will make every lesson a positive experience.-Brian, 16.

Tim is a very patient and dedicated teacher who is great for all stages of guitar instruction. From beginning basics for those learning guitar for the first time, to advanced musical concepts for more accomplished players, Tim is an excellent instructor. -James, 18.

I am thrilled with the progress Tim helped me achieve. I came with 35 years' experience playing three songs. Tim taught me 30 songs and inspired me to solo. I am looking forward to future lessons with Tim, greater playing skills and the great enjoyment I get from playing the guitar well. Thank you Tim! -Joe.

You'll learn how to play a guitar through the music that you listen to... what could be better than that? -Greg.

I'm a drummer, and Tim was able to take my sausage roll fingers and get them to form chords. Outstanding teacher! -James, high school teacher.

I took lessons from Tim almost 15 years ago!!! His lessons and inspiring attitude continue to help me as I aspire to make great music. -David.